Marceline apologized for leaving PB, admitting that her problem in being honest about her emotions was because of how her mom averted speaking about bad things. Thinking that it was the top for the two of them, Marceline decides to be trustworthy with PB, and let her know the way she really felt via a music. While Marceline is singing, Larvo, still trapped beneath a pile of debris, awakens and listens to her music. He then begins to reminisce his own troublesome previous, from when he was a younger tadpole-like creature. Revealing that Larvo’s anger was the results of losing his own family to an ocean predator, and surviving by himself inside a volcano.

She then sang a track concerning the blinking purple mild in the bunker to the objects, and shared a harsh dialogue about blaming herself for her mother’s fears; which also impressed her to be the individual she needs to be. Despite my long tirade on the morality and ethics of this episode’s writing, it’s a good little piece of content to maintain the fanbase enticed. The animation of the episode is completely beautiful as it has been for the earlier two Distant Lands episodes, and hearing Jeremy Shada and John DiMaggio return to voice these iconic characters is quite nice.

They additionally argue if the Glass People are worth saving, to which PB agrees while Marceline reveals disagreement by rudely patting on their heads like drums. When Marceline bugs her again, Bubblegum lastly reaches her breaking point and lashes out at Marceline, after which tells her to go home. The flashback then cuts back to young Marceline and Elise, who are in a gasoline station. Marceline immediately asks her mother, who was trying to fix a broken motorcycle, if she was a monster. But just as Elise tried to reassure her daughter, she coughed up blood and understood that she won’t be round for for much longer. Wanting to protect Marceline from the reality, Elise diverted her focus to the safe-house, which she fabricated as a “clubhouse” because she knew Marceline needed to be on her own from that point.

Glassboy immediately tries to leave to avoid detection, but he’s rapidly caught by Sandy, Limeston, Sir Soda, and See-Thru Princess; and tells them that he was just attempting to repair his crack. But the three royal advisors refuse to forgive him, regardless of that See-Thru Princess believes that Glassboy didn’t mean any harm; and declare that no music can stop Larvo now. Glassboy pleads that he can fix health and wealth what he has accomplished by discovering Marceline, however Sandy denies this as a end result of she assumes that Marceline has been lifeless for a really lengthy time, after which Sir Soda grabs him and drags him to the jail tower. But Glassboy is still assured that Marceline continues to be alive, prompting that she might be slaying one other dragon.

Bigger, stronger and angrier, Larvo heads down in direction of the dominion, and approaches the two Princesses. Larvo unknowingly walks right into a lure, because the Glass People poured huge amounts of root beer on him, crystalizing him rock-solid. The Glass People, See-Thru Princess, and Bubblegum rejoice their victory; but the moment is short-lived when Larvo manages to break free, and it conveniently gave him crystal armor, leaving PB’s face full of shock and horror. Meanwhile, Marceline confronts the Glassassins for destroying her bass, however she chooses not to fight them because serving to Bonnie is more necessary to her. But as for Marceline and Princess Bubblegum, they by no means saw or spoke to each other again for lots of of years.

Instead of the writers allowing Finn to discover methods to really transfer on and be on his own as a person, Jake quickly denies his earlier enlightened standing and rushes again to be reincarnated into reality alongside his brother. The previous Distant Lands episode, “Obsidian,” which focuses on the relationship between Bubblegum and Marceline, has a shock look of Finn at the end as an older man with a grown beard and all. The more surprising portion of his appearance is a tattoo inked throughout his chest that exhibits the face of his older brother, Jake. Coupled with the fact that Jake did not make an appearance, many followers developed theories that Jake may have actually died before this episode took place. “Adventure Time” has all the time been an amusing present with goofy character designs and dialogue. In “Distant Lands,” it feels just like the creators have leaned even additional into the playfulness of the animation and design, respiratory new life into the already vibrant present.