Despite it, it has an impressive enchantment of absorbing 10 factors of Health, Magicka, and stamina, which makes it highly effective. It is considered one of the most precious and unique daggers in Skyrim. One and only one way to hold this dagger from shedding its enchantment is that the player should carry the equipment that fortifies destruction.

The harm isn’t impressive, however contemplating that it outranks 11 daggers in base injury output of eight AD whereas additionally being mild, it’s fairly stable. However, it suffers from the shortage of upgrading options, however it doesn’t cease it from taking lives and this list’s spot. Glass DaggerDue to its glass-like shape, it will inspire you with its breath-holding look. It has a relatively low base injury of 9, and due to this, you want to use it only at low levels. And after reaching a excessive degree, you need to select a stronger one. If you may have completed degree 20, you can see this dagger at your local merchant’s, and you will get it.

It also gives you 15 further points of harm per swing, and has a chance of freezing your opponent for 2 seconds. Volendrung absorbs 50 stamina, which is a handy perk to have should you plan on using power assaults or need a quick sprint away from the frontlines. You’ll decide this one up during the Cursed Tribe Daedric quest.

The Shiv is the fourth weakest weapon in the game, simply forward of forks and wood swords in injury. It cannot be improved at grindstones, but it could at least be enchanted! The only approach to get a shiv is by going via the quest No One Escapes Cidhna Mine. But you should find the odd elven Dagger fairly early, in addition to the odd dwarven and glass dagger.

He has been a hobby author all his life and is now a content writer for TheGamer amongst other gaming websites. He is keen about writing content that will entertain and share data about his favourite games. An aspiring writer, Michael is just trying to share his ardour for video games with the world. You need to finish which of the following activities does not improve stability the “Arniel’s Endeavor” quest earlier than you can get hold of Keening, so joining the College Of Winterhold faction is crucial if you’d like this one-handed weapon. Ebony Daggers additionally function a very unique appearance, so it’s worth using them even if you solely like their design.

The adherents of Boethiah, the Daedric Prince of deception and treachery, wield this unusual Ebony dagger. It capabilities usually as an Ebony sword, but it is among the most beautiful and striking weapons of this caliber. The Fang of Kahvozein is useful, however just for a very specific purpose. Since it’s used to collect dragon coronary heart scales, it’s the one approach to end the Alteration Ritual Spell quest in order that any real mage will need this dagger.

These two statistics are consistent for all daggers regardless of material; due to this fact, they aren’t included within the table under. In Skyrim, the Blade of Woe is owned by The Dark Brotherhood’s chief. But it’s rewarded solely once you clear some of the major missions of The Dark Brotherhood questline. It could be purchased from sure distributors once the quest “A new source of Stalhrim” is completed, which can additionally be needed earlier than the dagger may be crafted too.