Frequency – This speeds up the void miner as lengthy as you continue to have the energy to feed it. Using lenses inside the Lens Holder on the Void Miner will enhance the mine rate of sure items. For instance, if you used a Red Lens on a Mineral Miner program, your miner would produce more Redstone than it usually would with out the lens.

But investigating RF manufacturing within the photo voltaic array is right up the top of my to-do listing; void miner might be a bit more sophisticated however I’ll see what I can do. I’d also like to investigate total resource costs for the solar astro-tech at72ed arrays of varied tiers, however again my assets are also on my work pc. All further prices listed are TOTAL cost from scratch, which is why the litherite diamond price remains at the backside. Hello once more, hope I’m not treading on any toes @Pjc21; let me know and I’ll pipe down!

If you are interested in working in a related area or even happening to additional examine, then environmental science is a wonderful diploma selection. The Assembler is a device added by Environmental Tech. It is used to construct a number of the machines added by the mod and to find out what blocks are required to construct them.Assembler Assembler Type Tool. To get began mining issues using your void miner you may have to make yourself a Memory Programmer.

It can exchange Null Modifiers on sure multiblock buildings, changing how they perform.Speed Modifier Speed Modifier Hardness 2. RF Void is a mod by Narc, which requires CoFH Core. It is a small mod that provides a single block, also titled RF Void. It is used to instantly delete all Redstone Flux energy that is put into it. The Kyronite Crystal is an merchandise added by Environmental Tech.

Note that adding more Speed Modifiers than this value will enhance the FE per block (and thus FE/t) without rising the speed, thus wasting power. The stats of every tier of Void Ore Miner are given within the following table. Note that including more Speed Modifiers than this worth will improve the FE per ore (and thus FE/t) with out increasing the velocity, thus losing power.