We all enjoy a good sitcom that makes us laugh, is relatable, and occasionally even melts our hearts. The show Friends is one sitcom that viewers have adored and related to deeply. Friends is a masterfully written television series that follows each character as they change. We can also take away a few life lessons from this TV show, so keep reading if you’re interested in finding out what they are. 

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Note: There are significant spoilers in the next paragraphs, so if you haven’t seen the entire show yet, read at your own responsibility.

Difficult Days Turn Into Learning Experiences 

Since it is a sitcom of 10 seasons, it demonstrates character development really well. Their collective experiences taught us that even if difficult times first seem difficult, they subsequently turn out to be wonderful stories to tell. Be it Monica’s weight loss journey, Ross’s divorce, or Phoebe’s life on the streets, these are all the best examples. Well, Phoebe and Monica use those tales not to feel sorry for themselves, but rather as lessons and experiences.

You Can Have Different Opinions and Still Be Friends 

Well, starting with Phoebe and Ross’s friendship, it was super-entertaining as we saw their conversation on evolution. The episode taught us that even when friends disagree with one another, their friendship does not end. Ross and Phoebe kept in touch and cherished their friendship.

Child Birth is Beautiful Regardless of the Method 

The most beautiful lesson we can take away from Friends and each character’s mode of childbirth is that all childbearing methods are lovely. Whether it was Phoebe, Monica, Rachel, or Susan, these women all did admirable work in their lives, and their fellow characters valued and respected their decisions. This encourages us to be inclusive and tolerant of others. 

Speak the Truth Even If It Seems Difficult 

Every time a character tried to hide something, they were persuaded that it would be simpler to just tell the truth and go on. It was always simpler to speak things out, whether it was about Rachel and Joey’s relationship or Monica and Chandler keeping things from Ross.

No Good Deed Is a Selfless Deed

While it was said in a completely different context and situation, Joey explained that everything we do is for our own benefit. Although a little philosophical, we do concur. If you help someone out, it is because you want to and because it makes you feel good. Therefore, doing good things also serves your own satisfaction. Joey certainly seems to have some wonderful insight.

Good Friends Will Stay With You through Thick and Thin

We have numerous examples of how friends may support you during difficult times. When Phoebe lost her scientist boyfriend, Joey was there. Similar to how Monica supported Ross during his divorces, she likewise stood by Rachel when she fled her wedding. With Chandler’s difficult past, his buddies give him a reason to live. These encounters have taught us that having good friends may make life easier.

It is Never Too Late 

The very first seasons of the show made it clear how Rachel evolved from a brat to a fully autonomous, self-sufficient woman. On the day of her wedding, Rachel realized she did not want the life she was committing to, so she fled the ceremony. This shows us that changing your life is never too late.

Stand for What is Right

We can also learn about sticking up for what is right from Phoebe’s character. The best example of someone sticking up for what is right is Phoebe, who supports simplicity, humanity, and animal rights. We believe that this is a big lesson in life, therefore if you haven’t seen Friends and the amazing character of Phoebe, you should.

Don’t Sleep With Other People If You Are on a Break

Ross lying when they were on a break is a lengthy and contentious subject. Ross cheated on Rachel when Rachel took a break from him because he believed she wouldn’t return. However, the reverse occurs, and he ultimately makes things worse. Therefore, the key takeaway from this is to never cheat. Even morally, it is bad.

People’s Opinion of You Isn’t Your Problem

The best illustration of not caring what other people think is Phoebe’s outlook on life. Because she didn’t care what other people thought of her, Phoebe kept up her way of life and her silly attitude, and she was much happier than the rest of the group. The important thing was that she was her own personal favorite.

Enjoy Life While You Have It

The theft of Monica’s credit card makes her see how someone can live. We realize how important it is to make the most of one’s life while they still have it as we observe the lady who steals her card living a carefree and enjoyable existence. We consider that to be one of the most important lessons in life.

Never Make Decisions While You’re Drunk 

The series has a few scenes where the characters make decisions while high. Ross’s drunken decision to sleep with another woman and Rachel’s call to Ross regarding closure serve as examples of how one should never make decisions while tipsy.

Final Thoughts

The life lessons that were just mentioned are just a few that we can learn from the sitcom. The lives and experiences of the six main characters, as well as the other supporting characters, can teach us a lot of other valuable lessons too. So, if you still haven’t watched Friends, we suggest you watch it right now. 


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